Building Creativity in your Child

       Did you know that a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that play promotes creativity? Child educational psychologists suggest that engaging in creative activities with children helps them bond with parents, caregivers, and teachers.

      But, the benefits of creativity aren’t limited to kids. Research indicates that creative activity contributes to successful aging by fostering a sense of competence, purpose, and growth. So, how can you spark the creativity in your child now that will turn into a lifelong benefit later?  

It’s easy. Just be SILLY!

Spontaneous ‒ Look for any time opportunities to ask “what if” and “why” questions that spark a conversation. Build on your child’s thoughts and ideas.

Imagination ‒ There are no rules and keep it simple. Let the ordinary lead to the extraordinary. Allow enough time for unexpected twists and turns.

Laugh ‒ It really is the best medicine. Support the creative process by participating in and appreciating that it really is fun.

Learn ‒ The art of discovery can lead to a treasure trove of creativity. Meaning-making is a rich source for new insights. Yes ‒ Give permission to be free thinkers. Encourage creativity by cultivating an environment that embraces a playful spirit.

Now … Go Be Silly!